Surfside Beach Fishing Pier

Important information about the Pier

Despite severe damage to Surfside Pier as a result of Hurricane Matthew, Surfside Beach has bounced back and is welcoming visitors. Though there are plans in the works to restore the historic pier to its original glory, the timeframe for completion is still being assessed. In the meantime, however, pier restaurants and shops are open for business.

Pier Update

FEMA has approved funds to rebuild the pier bigger and better, as of Spring 2018. They are conducting an Environmental and Historical Impact Study that could take 6-18 months. Although the pier is currently closed to fishing, there is a short section open to stroll. Surf Diner, Pier Outfitters and Licks Ice Cream remain open for business.

About the Pier

Surfside Pier was originally built in 1953. It has been rebuilt at least three times. The last time was March, 1993. As far as we can tell, a wealthy group of businessmen first built the pier and the Tillman Family later purchased it.During the 1970's and 80's the Holliday Family owned and operated the pier.

After the "Storm of the Century" knocked it down for the third time, Our pier was rebuilt and sold to The Scalise Family. Last year the city bought the pier and now leases it to the Kremers.